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Mahan Machine Induction Furnace Manufacturing Company With many years of experience, design and manufacture of induction furnaces in the country, with its exclusive products, more than 5 active induction systems, It has a capacity of 250 kg to 12000 kg tons in the country.

Also exporting and launching induction melting furnaces in Azarbayjan, Uzbekistan, Iraq is another gold leaf of Mahan Makar Company's pride, which demonstrates the high quality and alignment of this company with international standards. One of the most important features of Mahan Machine Induction Furnaces company is to obtain the technical knowledge of Induction Furnaces and using the country's elite specialists, which has led to the manufacture of different types of Induction Furnaces with different characteristics in different tonnages.

Mahan Mak Company with its experience in these years has been proud of this company in addition to manufacturing and servicing its induction furnaces, repairing and updating all types of induction furnaces manufactured by other companies. Provides services to all companies and centers as well as providing the necessary equipment and supplies in this area.