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Mahan Machine Company is proud of producing and supplying all kinds of induction furnaces. Listed below are some of our products and you can contact our sales experts and thanks for other products.
Mushrooms with yokes
Made of small laboratory specimens up to 4 tons capacity with steel structure and hydraulic jacks
Dc or choke link
Designed to lower ripple dc voltage waveforms and improve quality and prevent sudden shocks to the system depending on the type of system and the amount of Henry required at different capacities.
Thyristor Hoods
Boxes for thyristors are used in the system using a hooding set, which is manufactured and available according to the type of thyristor in different types and sizes.
Frequency converter panel
Frequency converter panels are used for induction furnace frequencies, the basis of which is the work of a frequency converter with industrial electronic circuits and with thyristor, which by modifying and raising the operating frequency voltage level, in the induction coil system, and finally performing the operation. Melting is used.
To control all elements of the system, all elements of the system are plc-controlled and programmable monitored by the operator, as well as remotely and wirelessly. The most sophisticated and sophisticated control sensors in the device's programming system are used to enhance consumer confidence and comfort.
cooling tower
CCTV is used to cool all parts of the furnace.
The device is fully closed-circuit to increase the cooling efficiency of the collector and the copper core to increase the transfer speed of the temperature transfer and also to the fans of this system to increase the suction rate of specific impellers in the jet fan. Have been used.
The whole system is closed circuit and all parts are cooled separately and have no connection to each other and are used for the removal of solutes and clogged water in the system.
Power cables
For conducting electrical conductors from the frequency converter panel to the capacitor bank and from the capacitor bank to the plant, water and electricity cables are used which vary in thickness depending on the consumption current and cable length.
Our production cables are very easy to maintain, as compared to their counterparts, depending on the design.
Commutation predecessors
Copper induction commutation inductors are used in various Henrys to eliminate sudden current shocks in the system and protect electronic components due to the capacity of the device.
Thyristor SCR
All types of disk thyristors in different capacities used in standard induction furnaces are approved by our technical experts for the most reasonable price available to consumers.
Induction Furnace Hydraulic Capacitors
Our company offers and types of hydrocarbon capacitors used in induction furnaces such as high frequency and medium frequency at different capacities and capacities.
The above mentioned capacitors are also available to customers individually and designed and boxed as capacitors bank.
Hydraulic Pack
Hydraulic jacks require a hydraulic system including a pump and a hydraulic handle and accessories to discharge melt from the plant and operate it. This is called a hydraulic pack assembly. Is remote
Capacitor Bank
Capacitor bank for filtering the input current and matching the output voltage of the converter with the voltage It is necessary to supply the coil current in a complex melting cycle.
Hydraulic pack
To discharge the melt from the plant and operate the relevant hydraulic jacks, a hydraulic system including a pump, hydraulic handle and accessories is required, which is called a hydraulic pack. The control of this system according to working conditions and demand is manual, wireless and remote control